The verdict of Brock Turner

So if you haven’t heard already the situation with Brock Turner… let me fill you in.

Now I’d like to begin by saying that I am no civil rights activist or stout feminist supporter, but when a case is so blatantly unjust it is hard not to pound on your desk out of anger. On last year’s may (2015) unnamed 23 year-old-woman was found unconscious near a dumpster and was raped. Two students who were near the park behind a dumpster spoke out on an interview done by “The Independent” and described that they saw a body thrusting himself into another and could clearly tell the other body was unconscious and not moving. They then saw him stand up and walk away, they called him out and he began to ran which caused one of them chase the culprit and ultimately call the police.
The culprit was identified as a promising athlete, Olympics prospect and 20-year-old Stanford University student Brock Turner.  In a letter the woman wrote on Buzzfeed, she explained her experience before and after the ordeal and highlighted the moments in and out of the courtroom. The victim wrote on vivid details waking up the next day at the hospital with no recollection of what had happened and in complete awe when told by nurses and doctors that there was a large possibility that she had been raped. She explained that she was at a party with her sister and didn’t have planned to drink all that much but due to her lack of alcohol drinking in the past months her tolerance wasn’t what it used to be. She remembers seeing Brock at the party and dancing few guys ……but not much after that. It is needless to say that this went to trial and its been the highlight of “social medialites” for the past two weeks. She recalled and detailed the experience in court and how Turner’s team of lawyer would constantly twisting and barraging of her testimony and story, making her look like the culprit trying to ruin the life of a promising athlete. Brock Turner’s case was decided by Californian Judge Aaron Persky, who found him guilty and gave him six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. He said that he did not want the case to have a “severe impact on him and ruin his future. With good behavior Turner can be out of jail in as little as three months. Brock’s  Father also commented that he couldn’t believe that the judge had the audacity to even send his son to jail for such a crime, he couldn’t believe that his son was being punished for “20 minutes of action”.

My take:

Well….. I’m simply appalled that the judge would be so lenient with the overwhelming evidence.  This was a slap on the wrist for a major crime, I don’t think justice was served for the victim and Brock Turner got off easy.  The response of the judge, Brock and his father truly send a message of our society as a whole when it comes to rape. The judges generally get it right when imprisoning minorities for major crimes but its a different case when its higher class Caucasians.  I am glad that this case has highlighted the problems of rape and how easy those who have more money and status can worm their way out of it. Now that we have addressed it… we need to solve it.

And for those who blame the victim of rape for getting drunk and passing out, fuck you.


Bruno Ugaz

One thought on “The verdict of Brock Turner

  1. Honestly I don’t view it as a racial comparison. It had to do with the amount of money. Wealthier people tend to not be minorities. Daddy probably paid someone off….

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