White House Shutdown Meeting

Several Congressional leaders will meet at the White House on Wednesday to negotiate to reopen the government after the partial shutdown. Members from both parties are expected to attend, making it the first time they meet since the shutdown began.

The Shutdown, which is entering its 12th day, was sparked due to disagreement about $5.8 billion worth of funding for Trump’s border wall. Last year, after a brief government shutdown, congress got together and agreed on a bill that would fund $900 billion of essential federal services such as education, but leaving many other services behind. This year, many federal employees from those key departments that were left behind will be unable to work. More than 800,000 employees will not get paid during the shutdown and those employees deemed essential such as TSA and border security will be forced to work without pay.

This comes after several days of tweets from President Trump noting that he was working hard at the white house desk and not celebrating Christmas or new year’s. The white house also released several tips for federal employees who are currently out of work due to the shutdown.

At the beginning of the shutdown, congressman leader Schumer agreed with Mike pence on a border wall bill funding a total of 2.5 billion but Trump refused.

Before the meeting with Democrats, Trump held a cabinet meeting highlighting some of the issues he thought brought the shutdown.

So what happened during the cabinet meeting?

From the very beginning, President Trump was clear that he was not willing to budge on the 5 billion needed for his border wall, claimed that he was looking for democrats to fund the needs of their country rather than the richest European countries.

Trump claimed he fired his Defense Secretary James Mattis due to his inability to get the troops out of Afghanistan in time even after several years of funding his department more than 700 billion every year.

He said the 5.8 billion needed was a small number compared to the spending that goes on in Afghanistan, “it was only a month in Afghanistan” said trump.

“Could be a long time or could be quick, it’s too important of a subject to walk away from.” said Trump, when asked how long the government will be shut down “this is something that should be bipartisan”.

He said he fired his defense secretary Mattis due to his inability to get the troops out of Afghanistan after several years of funding his department more than 700 billion.

He said we needed to work together and was hoping that Mitt Romney will be a team player. Remarks that come after Mitt Romney condemnation of the Trump leadership.

When asked about the markets and if there was any chance of them bouncing back, he pointed at the fed “that’s on the fed, we need some help from them.”

He claimed that the democrats were not willing to shut down the government due to politics.

We will keep you updated about the outcomes of the shutdown meeting as it comes.

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