Accomplice run over and killed by driver in Police Chase

HOUSTON, Texas – A woman has been arrested and charged with felony murder for running over one of her accomplices.

According to police, they received a distress call of an attempted robbery of a convenience store located around Main street and Interstate 45 at 7:47 a.m.

An off-duty office responding to the call identified three individuals, two males and one female, leaving the scene in a U-haul truck.

Police later identified the driver as Diawannah Thomas, 54.

Officers picked up the trail of the suspects in a neighborhood near highway 45 and one of the suspect jumped out of the moving truck. The suspect was quickly apprehended by police and is in custody.

Police say the vehicle then appeared to pick up speed as it entered highway 45 service road.

“It’s unclear what happened but it seemed like a second individual was trying to jump out or somehow he ended outside the vehicle. But unfortunately he lost his grip or jumped and the U-haul truck rolled over him”, said Chief Larry Satterwhite.

The second male, who remains unidentified, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Thomas began to drive recklessly through neighborhoods and rammed a HPD vehicle, rendering it useless.

The officer operating the rammed patrol car was knocked unconscious and was taken to nearby hospital. He is expected to make a full recovery.

HPD officers were able to deploy road spikes and deflated the tires of the truck. Thomas was apprehended shortly.

“Fleeing the police is very dangerous and this male might have been involved but now we’ve lost him”, said Satterwhite, ” this is very sad.”

Chief Satterwhite said that they are looking to charge Thomas with aggravated assault of a police officer, robbery and felony murder.

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