Two men arrested for evading police in SE Houston

HOUSTON, Texas –  Two men have been arrested for allegedly robbing a business in SE Houston and evading police.

Texas DPS officers responded to a call at 8:30 a.m. from an eyewitness that saw two men robbing a business located on Tanner Road.

Officers said that the suspects fled the scene driving a vehicle with a flatbed trailer.

The witness tailed the suspects until the DPS officers caught up with the suspect’s vehicle and initiated a traffic stop.

The suspect then stopped their car and reversed their vehicle until ramming it into a patrol car several times.

The DPS officer discharged his firearm in order to get the suspects to stop.

According the police the suspects then fled the area ensuing a police chase.

“Several times in this pursuit the suspects stopped their car and rammed their car into the DPS patrol car”, Assistant Chief Sheryl Victorian, “The suspects also ran into a citizens vehicle.”  

The chase ended in the block of 8000 Kempwood st and the suspects fled on foot.  

“The vehicle was traveling at high rates of speeds while dragging a trailer. So that caused the trailer to fishtail and then the car jackknifed, rendering the vehicle useless”, said Texas DPS officer Richard Stradifor.

Both men were quickly apprehended by DPS, HPD and K-9 units.

“No civilian or officers were hurt in this encounter”, said Victorian.

In their investigation police found that the suspects’ vehicle had been reported stolen in 2018.

Various stolen objects were also found inside the vehicle.

The suspects names have not been released and no charges have been given.

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