Facebook Facing a $5 Billion Fine

In late April, Facebook made an announcement that it was facing a $5 billion fine over its mishandling of personal information during the 2016 election campaign and other privacy-related issues. Federal regulators have been very vocal about the need to hold the social media giant accountable, but it seems to pursue that accountability is proving to be complicated. Several months ago, the Federal Trade Commission … Continue reading Facebook Facing a $5 Billion Fine

Consumer credit card debt raising concerns

The United States is experiencing a booming economy and record low unemployment levels, and yet Americans are struggling with rising credit card debt. The credit card industry is floored by reports of credit card debt rising to levels not seen in seven years. The charge off rate – the percentage of borrowed money that credit cards have given up on collecting – increased to 3.8 … Continue reading Consumer credit card debt raising concerns

Boeing’s investigation reveals a lack of FAA oversight

The U.S. Department of Transportation is conducting another investigation into the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft that crashed in Ethiopia and killed 157 passengers, the second incident for the new aircraft in the last six months. In 2018, the 737 jet took a nosedive and crashed shortly after takeoff from Jakarta, Indonesia leaving 189 dead. Since the second incident, several countries such as China and … Continue reading Boeing’s investigation reveals a lack of FAA oversight

A Brief look into the Green New Deal

Several Democratic presidential candidates have come forward to support the popular Green New Deal in the hopes of garnering public opinion in their favor. Senator Corey Booker called the deal “bold” and an opportunity to revive the U.S. economy. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also known as AOC, proposed the deal shortly after she was voted into congress. The Green New Deal, ambitiously named after FDR’s New … Continue reading A Brief look into the Green New Deal

White House Shutdown Meeting

Several Congressional leaders will meet at the White House on Wednesday to negotiate to reopen the government after the partial shutdown. Members from both parties are expected to attend, making it the first time they meet since the shutdown began. The Shutdown, which is entering its 12th day, was sparked due to disagreement about $5.8 billion worth of funding for Trump’s border wall. Last year, … Continue reading White House Shutdown Meeting

TSA Agents Being Forced to Quit

TSA agents have been forced to work in airports without pay since the government shutdown began and many are leaving. Airport security, like border security, is deemed an “essential service” to national security and so employees have continued to work since December 22nd. The TSA Union head Hydrick Thomas said on the union’s website that while some employees have already quit, there are many more … Continue reading TSA Agents Being Forced to Quit

A Look Back at FAANG in 2018

At the beginning of 2018, FAANG, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google never looked hotter, but as the year progressed their popularity fizzled out. Alphabet, the parent company for Google, stocks rose 30 percent in 2017 and the other four tech giants stocks rose a whopping 50 percent. For Facebook and Apple, 2017 was their biggest year of the decade. But 2018 was not kind … Continue reading A Look Back at FAANG in 2018

Making the Case for the 4-day work week

It sounds too good to be true, but a four-day workweek might be the answer for a boost in productivity around the office. An experimental trial conducted earlier this year by New Zealand Trust firm, Perpetual Guardian, found that cutting back on their 40-hour week schedule had its benefits. The research took several weeks but found that not only did it reduce stress among its … Continue reading Making the Case for the 4-day work week

What to Expect During the Government Shutdown

After several debates, arguments, and accusations the government shut down on Friday at midnight, just a few days before Christmas eve. On Wednesday night the Senate passed a stopgap bill that would avert a government shutdown but would not fund the 5.8 Billion needed for a border wall, one of Trump’s most iconic 2016 campaign promises. The bill, however, would have agreed to 1.3 billion … Continue reading What to Expect During the Government Shutdown